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'Anyone could, if they were so inclined, be the sculptor of their own brain.'

~ Santiago Ramón y Cajal (1852–1934)

Cajal was an artist and is recognised as the founder of modern neuroscience. And his idea is no longer blue-sky-thinking. Nowadays, we know that our brain controls our breathing, vision, hunger, temperature, touch, motor skills, thought, memory, emotions, and every process that regulates our body and changes as we learn. So, it makes good sense to 'learn on purpose' and deliberately become the sculptor of our brain.

Welcome to Psychosensory Academy

Now, in 2023, you can learn many ways to live well by becoming the sculptor of your brain. Many of the techniques work in minutes and are easy to use; some can be used when we want to find calm quickly, others are fun to do, some help us access creativity and flow, and some give us a way of planning and mapping the changes we want to make. Find out what you can use here at Psychosensory Academy. Learn about Brain Art and Brain Sculpture, V Scale, QOCTU, Internal Sensory Information, and Havening Techniques. Explore free materials, use links, book training, or one-to-one sessions for individuals, professionals, families, or groups.

Learn how to use the 3 V Scales 


Learn Brain Art and Brain Sculpture 

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Learn more

Self-development courses and projects, and certified practitioner trainings. 

Brain Art and Brain Sculpture and Havening are suitable for all ages.

The mechanics of learning

Connection, Creativity, Communication


Build Confidence

Develop your skills, add new concepts and hone skills further. Increase your curiosity, communication skills, flexibility and creativity. Learn Brain Art and Brain Sculpture, and psychosensory processes like the Havening Techniques®.

Boost Your Mood

Generate more DOSE (Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, Endorphins) and less adrenaline and cortisol. Use QOCTU and Havening to make great Brain Art and Brain Sculpture.

Increase Energy Levels

Find out how to free yourself from unnecessary fears and blocks and raise your energy. Use Psychosensory processes, QOCTU, Brain Art and Brain Sculpture.

Increase Your Awareness

Access your Brain Art and learn how you can use this.

I aim to share the knowledge and skills I have with you, in a down-to-earth, informal and sensible way, so that you reach your goals and are self-sufficient with new skills which you can apply in the future.


I am interested in the senses, creativity, thinking outside the box, accelerated learning, finding the best solutions possible, and making complex things simple. I myself continue learning and growing, and think it's important to love living life.

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Carol Robertson PhD

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