Carol Robertson's experience, knowledge and skill sets, and results


Experience, knowledge and skill sets, and results

Non-verbal communication

Being calm under pressure

Establishing trust

Sensory acuity

Centering, grounding, balance

Breath work


Awareness, 'intuition'

Internal processing


Generating energy

State management

Understanding the culture

Kinesthetic senses


An understanding of associative learning, linguistics, and the use of negative and positive reinforcement.


These skills were gained from a lifetime of rescuing wildlife, engaging with domesticated animals and birds, and training horses. Results: self awareness and high success rates with clients and projects.




Generating plans 


Modernisation of technology

Formal researching

Documenting findings

Illustrating pedagogic books

Teaching and creating courses



Selecting key partners and teams


These skills were gained f​rom being an inventor, trainer, author, and change-maker. The results include the new systems being taught internationally; 18 products manufactured and distributed by Lascaux; artworks generated; and two books about printmaking. These are published globally by Thames & Hudson, and are now considered to be standard works.

Observation and calibration

Thinking like a detective

Attention to tiny details

Time-lining long projects

Imagination and realization


These skills were gained from making art which is now in HM The Queen's Collection, and in many other private and civic collections.


Rapport and communication

Listening and navigating

Facilitating another's ideas

Flexibility and staying on track

Teamwork and delivering


These skills were gained from making works with high-profile artists. The resulting works have been collected by Tate, the Government Collection, and other major collections.


These experiences, and practising a range of modalities, enable me to facilitate change for individuals, partnerships and groups.

Key skills, creativity, pattern-detection, sensory acuity and communication