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Training Resources

Havening Techniques® Educational Portal

Click this text or image for the link and then log in (using the password sent from Havening, HQ, New York. You can then access the portal to access your Primer, educational pack, videos, your dashboard and the resource library.

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Havening Techniques® Training with Carol Robertson Educational Portal 
Click on the images for the links to the live menu for the training material and then log in (using the password sent from Carol). You can then access this portal to access each section for projects, links, videos and booklets.

All Havening trainings start with reading the digital copy of the Primer in your Resource Library at Click the images or button below to access an audio version of the Primer, illustrations and videos related to the Primer.  To access or return to an interactive version of this menu, click the compass and provide your password. In each section, the compass will be at the top of the page. 

The Havening Techniques®
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