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Join the training for the Certified Practitioner of the Havening Techniques® or the Certified Practitioner of Brain Art and Brain Sculpture® and study with Carol Robertson PhD.


Access the educational portal at for your main course materials, and use the support material, food for thought and skill-building projects here. You can also join Carol's informal group for Havening enthusiasts and the main group for Haveners and find partners to practice, explore and discuss the biology basis and theory.

Build a Solid Foundation

All Havening trainings start with reading the digital copy of the Primer in your Resource Library at Click the images or texts below to access an audio version of the Primer, illustrations and videos related to the Primer.  To access or return to an interactive version of this menu click the compass and provide your password. In each section, the compass will be at the top of the page. 

The Havening Techniques®

Explorations, Projects, Food for Thought (downloadable booklets, links, videos, articles),  and Case Examples to help you develop your skills. Havening in the Wild and more. Now you have read the Primer and watched videos of Havening sessions. You may have discovered that you have a few gaps in your knowledge base, and that's fine. There is so much to learn, and there is a lot of new information flowing through from neurobiologists which can inform our practice as Havening practitioners. The aim of the following sections, 'How we Learn', 'Introducing UTS and EMLI', 'Introducing CASE',  'Approaches to Sessions', 'Skills Sets for Havening', 'Havening Touch' and information about each of the Havening Techniques is to help you weave the biology basis into everyday practice and everyday life. For example, once you learn about the checklist CASE and start using it, and noting how useful it is,   it becomes second nature to use it.


 Click the button or Ship's Wheel to access the various sections. You will be asked for a password when you use this menu.  You will then access an open version of this menu, and the links to topics will be live. 

Carol Robertson PhD
International Havening Trainer
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