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Havening Techniques® Training 

Havening Training in London,  2015

What people have written about Havening

Paul McKenna, international best selling author and ‘one of the world’s most important self-help gurus’ (The Times of London’) Paul McKenna writes,


‘Havening, also known as Amygdala Depotentiation Therapy (ADT) is going to change the face of therapy across the world. What used to take months to cure can now be done in minutes in most cases: PTSD, trauma, pain, depression and many more disorders. The initial study recently completed by King’s College London shows the remarkable effectiveness of this extraordinary set of processes. This is not to be confused with other psycho-sensory techniques, TFT, EMDR, etc. Whilst they are very good, Havening is light years ahead. If you want to be an excellent therapist, you can't afford not to learn this breakthrough approach.’


~ Paul McKenna, Ph.D

Dr. Ronald A Ruden, the creator of Havening describes the processes as a  'New way of Healing’ and he explains that 


'When an event or experience is perceived as traumatic or very stressful it becomes immutably encoded, often with life-altering consequences. However, recent research from the field of neuroscience has shown us how it's possible to modify this encoding. The Havening Techniques are methods which are designed to change the brain to de-traumatize the memory and permanently remove its negative effects from both our psyche and body’


~ Dr. Ronald A Ruden


‘Havening has proved to be an effective and flexible technique in my work. It is easy to apply and often produces results quickly in a wide spectrum of emotional, psychological and physical issues, particularly where there has been psychological trauma. Havening has the advantage that patients can quickly learn to apply it themselves and be pro-active in their treatment’ 

~ Dr.Mark Chambers. GP, Long Melford (UK)


‘I have used Havening Techniques and I am convinced of the efficacy speed and simplicity in which havening achieves results that some would think unbelievable. I consider this a remarkable tool for healthcare professionals and would be happy to recommend this technique. In my experience, it has quicker results than CBT and the use of this technique would save the NHS a fortune

Dr. Michael Carmi, MB Ch B , FRCGP  


‘I am phoning because I have never seen such an extraordinary change in a child and I am wondering how did you do this. He is now at the top of his class again and is chatting to the other children at break time’

Headmistress enquiring about a child who had become very withdrawn


The following Havening testimonials are abbreviated to save room here. What I have noticed is that most people enjoy Havening, can continue to work by themselves and effect change and since doing Havening my referral rate has increased.


‘Thank you, my problem is 100% gone’

vaginismus sufferer


Thank you for giving me my life back.’

long term phobia sufferer


‘Saw the guy and my anger, rage and loss of control just isn't there now, we even had a pint together and it was ok’

person in court for violence asked to see me by judge


‘Everyone should have access to Havening, it is life changing’

person who had suffered anxiety for decades


‘They haven’t taken any drugs since they started Havening’

referred client taking about how amazed he was at his friends change


‘My daughter wanted to come and have a session because she can't believe the change in me! Thank you’

Mum suffering from anxiety


To me ‘WOW, She is a different child’, - to daughter ‘let’s photograph you doing that for your dad, he will be amazed!’

Havening used for sporting therapy


'I began as you suggested and experimented here there and everywhere! I went on holiday to Spain, loved it and I know I can now go anywhere after all these years of being stuck.  I wish I had seen you years ago'

IBS sufferer


Went out with my friends taking drugs and it just seemed stupid to me, felt fine doing my own thing. Found a house with my girlfriend and we aim to buy it, everything seems differnt now and things seem possible.

Lack of confidence in self control


Havening stops me pulling my hair out when I am stressed. I find it calms me down and helps me sleep.

Teenager who was pulling hair


I heard about your from another mum, she said her child was transformed and is now so confident and this happiness in herself is growing everyday. Things she was terrified of she is now doing with ease and a few problems came up but she handled them very calmly.

She recommended that I should get in touch with you asap.


And from the rider below and you can hear it in the video 'it will make a BIG difference to my life'

People who have experienced the results of Havening have stated


‘I am so happy and feel so normal again’

person suffering fear after car accident


'Thank you, I have had a complete lightbulb moment and I am excited as I know where I am going now'

person who was feeling stuck


Hi Carol,

As requested here is a few bits and pieces about my 'old' cat phobia :)

I had been suffering from a fear of cats for around 28 years, for as long as I can remember I have always been anxious around cats, didnt particualrly like then and tried to avoid them when I could. Throughout the years the fear grew deeper and deeper in that I was constantly wondering if I was going to see a cat if I went out, what would it do to me and how could I avoid it.


At its worst my fear stopped me from opening my windows in the house in case a cat jumped in, I wouldnt go into my garden if a cat was there, I would either run back into the house if a cat came into the garden when I was out or freeze on the spot and on a few occasions I have actually been brought to tears when a cat came into the same room as me. I constantly thought the cat was going to attack me it was terrible, I lived my life scanning for cats where ever I went and it was getting to the point where I would check if cats were going to be there before I would go anywhere. Although I knew the fear was silly and the cat wouldnt hurt me I couldnt stop the reactions I had.  It was when I almost decided not to go on holiday as there would be ferral cats that I decided enough was enough and booked a session with you Carol.


The session was great around 3 hours of talking and mental exercises which are quite easy but difficult to describe.  Thinking about the different situations I had been in how they made me feel then turning these situations around in my head.  I felt the session was really relaxing with the dogs being there as support too :)


Carol at the end of the session asked me if I wanted to be introduced to her cat.  Initially the immediate thought im my head was really !!!! but I agreed as I wanted to and Carol slowly but surely brought the cat into the room and in no time at all I was petting her cat and the cat was roaming frely around the room. I serious would never have thought that by the end of the session  I would have been in that place and able to do what I did.  I also then started to wonder if this would last and get better although I despearately wanted it to. I went home and my family could not beleive the pictures from the session and were too wondering if it would work in our own environment and it was just a few days later that I went to my next door neighbours house and was able to sit onher sofa and clap her cat who previously stopped me from going in and out my house.


Since then I have been in a few houses with cats or had cats in my garden and I can honestly say I have had no reaction to them at all and would and have quite easily petted them if they came up to me.


All my friends and family are completely in awe of the difference that the session has made tome and said if they hadnt seen the difference with their own eyes they would never have believed that it worked.

Thank you Carol for giving me my freedom back :)



Karen Fairley Macdonald


Testimonials from other coaches about my work


"A huge thank you for your leadership and contributions this past week. I found Havening to be an extremely powerful new tool.  I love the science meets psychology angle side to this transformational approach. ....I look forward to our call and thank you again for your passion, creativity and commitment to a superb workshop! "


Steve Bolton


Founder & Chairman


Platinum Property Partners 



Following Carol's truly excellent course last weekend my ability to utilise Havening with clients seems to have mysteriously improved...

This morning I did a version of what I guess you might call outcome havening with a client. He had been traumatised by his wife leaving him several decades ago and still suffered with recurring sad/angry/regretful/self-critical thoughts about it all on a daily basis.

So we did EH on the moment he was 'hit' by his wife leaving him. That helped. We did TH on the word that came up for him 'selfish'. That helped.

Then he got a bit stuck, the SUD wasn't reducing. Normally at this point I would have switched to some other modality, NLP, hypnosis etc. But I decided to stay with havening.

So we revisited the EH but differently. This time we both strapped on ghostbusters outfits and revisited the moment of the 'trauma' together. Whist he havened away I got him to enter into the scene as his current (older, wiser) self and go up to the younger 'him', send a beam of love from his heart to his 'younger' heart, give himself a big hug and got him to reassure his younger self, if this makes sense... Forgiveness, reassurance, acceptance, all came up to TH.

SUD now 0, tears streaming down his face, he is softer, like a great weight had been lifted...

Oh and we also sorted his fear of flying, fear of driving at night, anger at other people's stupidity, resentfulness and a few other things, all in little 20 minute sessions with tea breaks...

Many of these things were linked, as you might imagine...

I like to think I would have got these results using the stuff I already know and I think I would have. Havening was faster though I think, more elegant.

I am not sure I would have persisted with the havening modality if I hadn't attended Carol's course last week. I am glad I did. I have seen many trainers through the years some of whom are brilliant, Richard Bandler for example. I can see some of the Bandler style (and training) with Carol when she trains, though she is very much her own person. She was present, AWAKE, her sensory acuity is some of the best I have seen, and she is creative and totally determined to give the delegates her very best.

Her very best is very good...


Steven Tromans


No 1. Harley St



'Hogwarts for Haveners'

Syd Niven


‘Carol is one of the most amazing healers I know and is at the cutting edge of healing technology. Where she works at Eskhill Cottage is an amazing energy vortex where time stands still and healing takes place effortlessly. Healing just happens around Carol, as she has the insight of a mystic, the wisdom of a sage and the ability of the most sensitive animal to notice what needs to be back in balance. I highly recommend her to any one who feels they need to be healed, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.’ 

Gina Pickersgill, Founder and Editor of The Healing Pool Magazine – NLP and Coaching Editions.


‘I learnt more in two days with Carol than I did in seven years of university study. She makes complex things so simple and easy to get’

Jenny Brown


'Throughout my journey of self discovery I have attracted lots of amazing insightful transformational tools into my life but there was something missing that prevented me putting myself out there ‘professionally' as a therapist. That is, the fact that ‘touch' is  forbidden or perceived as inappropriate when it is  something that  I had naturally and successfully done to my four children from the moment I first had the privilege to hold them and indeed even when they were in the womb …..to stroke them lovingly to reassure them that they are  loved and that  the world is a safe place. My creative side has  been scanning the neuroscience world for years for  information to put in a film script I am writing  to transform the perception of mental heath….so imagine my delight when I came across ‘Havening' and Carol’s Training. It was the biggest piece of missing jigsaw of an image of a bridge to a world  that says “welcome home to who you really are and always have been, but maybe you forgot”. Thank you Carol  for displaying the natural beauty of it in such a congruent way.  You were my angel to the  gateway to haven.

In love and light'


Tracy Morley


HI Carol,

I'm struggling to put into words how fabulous I felt the weekend was. 

You are most definitely one of a kind: one of the most down to earth,

fun, caring people I've ever met and so genuine with it. 

It was a surreal weekend and I felt a dreadful sadness yesterday when

I knew it was coming to an end. The location was perfect also - gosh girl

did you manage to get it all 'spot on' or what??

I'm so glad and I know I've made the right decision to do stages 2 and 3 and

over the moon that I'll be continuing on my Havening journey training with you. I feel I couldn't be in better hands: with your knowledge on Havening and being so approachable you're definitely the right trainer for me. ... Thanks again for a weekend that I will never forget. It is way up there with one of the best weekends I've ever spent.

Trudy Keating


I attended Carol Robertson's havening practitioners course on the 4th & 5th of October and was so impressed and inspired with not only the content of the course but with the way Carol delivered it. Carol is a brilliantly natural teacher who's conversational style makes learning straightforward, fascinating and fun. I am new to the psychosensory academy and had been a little wary of being out of my depth with this course however the relaxed friendly environment Carol has created combined with her unique teaching style quickly dispersed all my doubts!  The course was very thorough and definitely good value for money.  I would recommend this course wholeheartedly to anyone looking to learn and be confident in the using havening techniques. Kate Ritchie


Thank you for sharing your beautiful home at the weekend. It was a joy experiencing training with you in such a wonderful place and with such lovely like-minded people. 

I loved your training style, open, fresh and truly inspiring.



Firstly please let me say a big thank you for introducing me to the Havening technique this weekend. I got a massive amount from the training and from the way you delivered the course. I now know what was missing from my hypnotherapy training. It also had a profound effect on me and I am still completely amazed how the process made my hip pain disappear - that I had been plagued with  for four years from the car accident. I am so excited  about exploring it further by completing stage II.


‘Ok so 6 days since my session with Dr Carol Robertson and we ventured off to Di Lampard lesson was a bit nervous as watched demo night before. Yeh there is a reason she team GB new performance manager she doesn't miss a trick. So Nico and myself heading in excited nervous that felt weird (normally falling apart) but keen to get in and kick on feeling good. Warmed up jumped a few fences and then onto some courses. Few wee errors but I Loved every second of it I wanted to do more. Never thought I would want to stay in the sj ring, inspired training and positive coaching learned so much. Carol you are my saving grace thank you so much’ — at Rockrose Equestrian Sports Centre’

Karon Karson


Thanks again for introducing me to this- I don't think a technology has made me so excited about its potential!



(Barum did his science review faster than anyone before him! And passed it with flying colours.)

Top equestrian and trainer, Karon Karson  (quote above)