Stage Two: Certification Program


Elements of Stage Two

Once you begin Stage Two, all the documents you will need can be downloaded from this website.

Any questions can be discussed with Carol on video call. In brief the elements of stage two are:


Download, print out, fill in the practitioner application forms and mail then to the New York HQ.

Case Studies: Document thirty case studies which demonstrate The Havening Techniques®

Science Review: 44 questions in multiple-choice type format

Make two videos of yourself using The Havening Techniques® with two different people. These digital/video films must be a minimum length of 15 minutes and a maximum length of 60 minutes.

Write a professional profile 

In more detail:


Case Studies

Working with a range of clients to explore and become confident with the application of the concepts of Havening and the use and results gained using each of the different kinds of Havening. Document (on the forms provided) and submit a range of cases and 30 Havenings. For example, the presenting issues, actions made and the debriefing of each session is recorded on a simple intake sheet (the client gives permission but is annoymous on the sheet, represented only by a letter, for example, Client A), and each type of Havening used is described on an separate sheet. For example if in session one, four Havenings were carried out, these would be documented on a sheet for each, i.e. Event Havening, Transpirational Havening, Ifformational Havening and Affirmational Havening may have been used. Full details are given in the online support material.


Practioners have said that recording their case studies helped them consider their and their clients experiences of Havening and encouraged them to use and learn about each of the different Havening Techniques with a range of clients, as well as documenting personal experiences of being Havened or using self-Havening. The information you provide about how you are using Havening also helps us continually improve our eduactional program.


Science Review

Practitioners have described this as 'a useful aid as you learn about the scientific concepts at the base of Havening'. They have also said that it has given them confidence that they have grasped the ideas and can express them. The information you provide about your understanding of the scientific concepts at the foundation of the Havening Techniques® also helps us continually improve our eduactional program.



Make two videos of yourself using The Havening Techniques® with two different people. These digital/video films must be a minimum length of 15 minutes and a maximum length of 60 minutes.


Practitioners have described how making these videos helped them see how they were working, in some cases study how they were working, make changes to improve their technique and celebrate their skills.


Write a professional profile 

This profile is for your listing on the website. After succesfully completing all three stages, certification as  Havening Practioner is granted from New York HQ. The new practitioner is listed and can upload a profile on the website. After the first year, practioners pay $99 annually to remain a practitioner and to be listed on the website.



Certification process and evaluation

Once everything is completed, send it to me in one clearly labeled package (USB stick or via Dropbox). If you prefer, send me ten case studies as a starting point and we can have a video meeting to answer any queries you may have.

I will look at the case studies, written material and videos very carefully and will email you to let you know the results of your science review and makeany helpul points I can. If all is well and I am content that you have demonstrated a level of competency in The Havening Techniques®, this training is complete and you can continue to the final stage with Midge Murphy. 


Information from HQ

'If after viewing the case studies and videos the program director, in his/her sole discretion, determines the applicant has not demonstrated a level of competency in The Havening Techniques® to continue in the program, then the applicant will be notified. In such event, the program director may ask the applicant to submit additional videos. The exact number of which to be determined solely by the program director or the program director may make recommendations to the applicant to bring the applicant up to speed. In either event, it's possible that the applicant will be disqualified from our program.'


Benefits of Certification

Diploma of certification

Listing on the website as a certified practitioner

Reduced fees to webinars and online conferences (50%)

Access to master classes.

Access to liability insurance if needed.

Being a facilitator at conferences.

Updated new science as it becomes available.

Access to Power Point presentation by Dr. Ruden

Material Support

Quarterly Newsletter



Stage Three: Online Ethics and Legal Course

This online course is run independently by Midge Murphy, a Professional Liability Risk management Consultant. The course costs $149. By completing this course and passing the multiple choice quiz you receive a Certificate of Completion in Ethics & Legal Principles in the Practice of Havening Techniques™ from Midge Murphy.


Her course details are here. Once your approved Havening trainer lets you know that you have passed Stage Two, you can go to Midge Murphy's website and pay her online (unless you have taken up my early bird deal and I will pay her and have the information emailed to you).






















Certification in the Havening Techniques®

When you have passed Stage Three, Midge Murphy will inform Feliciana Tello at Havening HQ, in New York. Feliciana will manage the review of all your paperwork and ensure that the Practitioner Agreement is notarized and returned to you with your certificate which will be signed by the Rudens. Feliciana will also liase with you regarding your listing as a certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner on the official website. Please note; after the first year, practioners pay $99 annually to remain a practitioner and to be listed on the website. A listing on will make you part of the official approved referral network and you may also link your business site to ours. The annual fee of $99 will apply upon each anniversary to maintain updates to your listing as well as annual renewal to search engines, etc.




















Practioners celebrating with Training Assistant and Havening practitioner Gina Pickersgill



Stage Two (add to any two-day training to take certification track)


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