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Equivalent to the two-day training - for people interested in Havening

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One-to-One Live Online Self-Havening Training (equivalent to the two-day training) Trainer: Carol Robertson PhD 4 Training Sessions Note - the schedule is an example - you will be able to schedule your 4 sessions at times that suit you. Enjoy learning at your own pace on a course designed for you by me, Carol. I was one of the first five Havening practitioners and trainers, and I love how the concepts and techniques can be used in so many disciplines. And I created this one-to-one opportunity because I recognise that it's helpful to ask questions that relate to your particular interests. You may want to use the full course length of four sessions, used over four months, or you may want to use your four sessions much quicker than that. About This program of study is ideal for people who want to know more about Havening and use self-Havening safely and confidently. Discover for yourself both the changes that are experienced. The scientific and biological theories of how these innovative processes work, how to best use Havening Touch® and the many different Havening Techniques to help others. Dr Ronald Ruden, who created Havening, describes the effect of using these techniques as providing 'a better way of living through neuroscience'. People who have experienced the techniques say that they are 'effective' and 'easy and pleasant to use'. A study at King's College London showed that after just one session of Havening, nearly all of the participants could concentrate better, let go of disturbing thoughts and eliminate worry, and boost their self-esteem. The results also showed that most of the participants were still benefiting from those changes two months after the single session of Havening.

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