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Art Havening Adventure Four

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4. Changing Habits and Enjoying Surprises

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  • Harley Street

Sessions and Courses

4. Changing Habits and Enjoying Surprises 45 minute active workshop via Zoom call Looking forward to this Sunday's Art Havening Adventure at 7 pm GMT. New adventurers are welcome to join the group. A 45-minute active workshop via Zoom call Havening Techniques In this workshop, we will be exploring a way to use a type of Outcome Havening in combination with a thinking process and a sleep stage. This process can be used to discover and observe our own thinking processes, generate inspiration and ideas or to find solutions. This new technique was inspired by the creative processes of psychonauts such as Carroll and Dali who were inspired by Freud. Changing your brain through art-making Discover that you don't need to be able to draw or paint to express and notate ideas through using visual imagery. We will use a digital collage application which enables collaging of text, photos, images and drawn marks. And also provides a way of creating text, drawing, and offers an assisted drawing method to enable you to more easily express what you experienced. The application that we will use is ideal for novices and experienced artists and is free to use. What will you need? To be a Havening student or practitioner - or begin studying before the start of this course Book your place A comfortable chair A dessert spoon or ball Zoom sessions, so you will need a computer, camera, mic We will be using an application so you may want to use the space of a desktop screen or two devices so you can also be in the Zoom meeting at the time as using the art-making App. About the Art Havening Adventures In each workshop, we will touch on; considering how the various art forms, from architecture to theatre, can be explored through Art Havening, engaging with a range of artworks using Art Havening to extend our flexibility. Each workshop has resources which are either flipped learning (pre-information) or post-session information. Participants can explore doing an Art Havening project in their own time. And participants can share their work and experiences if they like in the class's Facebook group.

Contact Details

  • 1 Harley Street, London, UK


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