Artist Program (via 4 x 30 minute video call + email, video film exchange)

Artist Program (via 4 x 30 minute video call + email, video film exchange)

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  • Change Program (via video call & email exchange)

    Working via video call and exchanging information through email, video film of your works in progress and online communication works brilliantly. It provides us with an excellent way to help generate ongoing change.

    Whatever level you are at, or whatever goal you are seeking this platform provides an ideal way for you to experience input designed to help you acheive your aims. Everyone is unique and having helped thousands of artists over the years I have a fine collection of solutions and insights that I can share with you.

    We can employ both practical art making concepts and practice information aswell as utilising fast change processes which provide permanent results, methods which are used over a longer period and techniques which are tools for life.

  • Session style

    When we are working together to find solutions and resolve whatever it is that you need help with, from the most simple to complex or unusual issues I will do my utmost to help you become free and to achieve your goals as quickly and as pleasantly as possible. Total confidentialty is guaranteed and you may choose to either share your thoughts with me, or work 'content free' (this means you keep your private thoughts internal). 

    My aim is to create a way of working that is safe, relaxed and informal and to help you resolve things in as effective way as possible. Online is ideal for that as you can make yourself comfortable in your own home. I want to help you build on your strengths and discover more of your talents. For me it's important that, first and foremost, your session is for and about you and your art work.

    I see myself as a facilitator focusing on your needs. In your session you will have my mind, skill set, creativity, knowledge, experience and my full attention focused on helping you get to exactly where you want to be.

Psychosensory Academy, Carol Robertson PhD, Eskhill Cottage, Roslin, Midlothian, EH25 9QW and online internationally

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