Thanks for visiting, I am Carol and I wanted to create this platform  because I think at this time we are learning how change happens and how we can learn how to change our responses easily, pleasantly, quickly and effectively. Through the understandings we have gained through neuroscientific research, new systems are being developed and ancient methods reconsidered from a new perspective.

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Carol Robertson Phd




The first academy was set near Athens, in a cool gathering space where nightingales sang and was not a school or university as we think of an academy being in the modern world. Plato's academy was an informal association of people who wanted to study various subjects such as philosophy. Plato thought that knowledge was gained through searching for truths that are independent of the observer and could be taught to others. This would seem to way of describing experiential learning and working together in pairs or as a group to accelerate understanding.


(si″ko-sen´sә-re) perceiving and interpreting sensory stimuli.