Event Havening Technique® 


It is a good idea to work with a Havening Practitioner for very upsetting memories, when you are working with a practitioner all of your private information can remain private or you can chose to share. However as you have used this process before with a practitioner you can use this process for memories which are less upsetting and that you would like to feel calmer about. Begin by remembering an event which you found upsetting. Give it a neutral title such as the date or a number. Recall this event and access the format of the memory by noticing 

what you saw

what you heard

 what you felt  

and ask yourself to remember all the smells and tastes

(mostly these are tricky to name, think of a wine tasters descriptions, you may notice your nose flair or mouth alter)

Now notice how you feel now, what emotion do you feel when you think of this memory and how powerful is it?

Grade the strength of the emotion using the V Scale. Make a note of where the emotions are on the scale


Begin applying Havening Touch® and lateral eye movements.

This generates an increase in low frequency brainwaves (delta brainwaves). 


Clear your mind


Now create distractions from the upsetting set of thoughts.  Keep away from this amygdala-situated information by activating other thoughts and postures which are different for around ten minutes.


Imagine moving safely and happily. Maybe talk about it out loud, choose something appropriate, a walk in a favourite place, or imagine a wonderful fantasy journey

       Notice what you see

      what you hear

       feel all the sensations of moving  

       think of all the smells and tastes


put on some music that makes you feel happy and dance to some great music

or watch a funny movie, or clips on You Tube


Keep using Havening Touch

Count down from 30 in twos or threes

Do some breathing exercises

Count to five out loud and then hum for five x 5

Keep going and be skilled with this activation

Finish for now with gentle breathing and Palm Havening or whatever you like best.

Clear your mind

Access the memory you were working on.

What do you notice? 

What emotion do you feel now, is it a different measurement or a different emotion?

What would you name it?

Where would you place it on the scale?

What number is it?’


Repeat the process until it reaches a comfortable level (one or zero and feeling okay/good, objective or calm). Do email us and let us know how you got on or if you need any help.


Memory of summer 2015


An Example

Memory of summer 2015

'Feeling in a safer place

Happier and relieved'

An Example