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One-to-one Sessions - One hour


When we are working together to find solutions and resolve whatever it is that you need help with, from the most simple to complex or unusual issues I will do my utmost to help you become free and to achieve your goals as quickly and as pleasantly as possible. Total confidentiality is guaranteed and you may choose to either share your thoughts with me, or work 'content free' (this means you keep your private thoughts internal). My aim is to create an environment that is safe, relaxed and informal and to help you resolve things in as effective way as possible. I want to help you build on your strengths and discover more of your talents. For me it's important that, first and foremost, your session is for and about you; That could be you personally or you and your partner, your pets, your partnership, family, group or business. I see myself as a facilitator focusing on your needs. In your session you will have my mind, skill set, creativity, knowledge, experience and my full attention focused on helping you get to exactly where you want to be. ​The most common feedback immediately after a session 'I am surprised that it was fun and much more interactive than I expected' 'I have so many new tools and new understandings now' After a few weeks common feedback tends to be 'generally I am feeling more relaxed' 'I forgot all about that!' 'the things that stressed me seem fine now' 'my family and work colleagues have been asking me why am I so happy'

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