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Training - Havening Techniques

  • 32Weeks


Approved Training for Stages One and Two of the Havening Techniques® Certified Practitioner Training Trainer: Carol Robertson PhD, who was one of the first five Havening practitioners and trainers About Havening is used by a wide range of professionals. This program of study is suitable for professionals working with their existing client base. Learn about how we learn, how we respond to risk, the concepts of potentiation and depotentiation, how Havening works, best practice, and experience Havening and learn to Haven. Gain knowledge and build your skills as you test your knowledge in the science review, reflect as you write up your case studies, and film yourself working. This training is tailor-made, and the sequence of your course will be structured to reflect this. Format Live video calls with Carol covering the science and use of the various techniques and related skills. Opportunities to practice Havening Techniques with other students before working with your clients, study using the Primer, videos and articles in educational portals at and here, and through engaging with Drs Rudens, trainers, practitioners and students on the Havening Facebook forum. Timespan: At your own speed, it can be completed within weeks. The completion time limit is ten months (with the aim of certification from Havening Techniques HQ in New York). Please also read HQ website information about the certification process and their disclaimer. See

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